Sunday, March 11, 2012


I have a plan mapped out for the weekend, every weekend. It's all scribbled on my blackboard by the toilet door. It's Sunday morning 11am now and none of that on the list has been checked.

Woke up at 7am today. Somewhere in my heart I thought, a run would do me some good. So I had cereal with cut bananas for breakfast and a mug of coffee to jumpstart.

Stuffed, now can't run, so I thought maybe I'll wait for it to settle while watching The Artist. Give and take 2 hours so that means I will still be early for gym (anything before noon is good - to avoid parking woe in malls).

It's 11.05am now. I didn't finish watching The Artist because I got distracted with Twitter and one thing lead to another - clicked on someone's blog link and read all the posts incl archives.

Sidetrack - what is so great about The Artist? They won't capture people with short attention span segments into their list. You can't take your eyes off the telly for a second lest you risk missing a wink or a caption. It was quite challenging for someone like me who gets easily distracted and bored, to concentrate.

I have no point to this entry. Or perhaps, I AM subconsciouly trying to make a point?

Plan your life but live for the moment.

eg. plan for a run but watch a DVD instead. watch a dvd but update your blog. update your blog but go for a run.

The circle completes.

Yea I don't think that's happening. Or will it? I can be unpredictable sometimes it scares me. "Wha? How'd I get on this treadmill?" (Or so I'd like to imagine).

Monday, January 02, 2012


So my life story continues. In short, I signed up for the kickboxing classes and have last week ended all 12 sessions. Now I have a body like Xena the Warrior princess. That's right, I'm still fat.

A month doesn't do justice I must admit. So I'm going for broke. I'm off rice. I think it's been 2 weeks since. I've not been craving like a junkie though as I thought I would (I heart my banana leaf and weekend nasi lemak).

It's quite daunting trying to lose weight at this age. Nothing seems to be happening. Just like my social life.

On the work front, I've been working like a dog. I'm exhausted most of the time. I don't know how I squeezed time to go to the gym but I did.

At least I know I still have determination and discipline.

Here's to a super 2012. We will see results for all that hard work! Somewhere, somehow.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Gym blues

I've been lax in my running regime post Raya festivities, morever, with overwhelming workload at the office, I've just not had the time to make time for my usual runs.

Had to take a steroid jab recently due to acute tendonitis. Couldn't move my wrist without excruciating pains shooting through my arms. Because of the steroid I retained water and bloated up like a 2 week old dead beached whale (minus stench).

Last week I decided enough was enough so I started my runs again and for payback put in triple extra effort to get back in the game. Minimum of 5km per run 3 times a week. That gave the body a shocker but my trainer friend says "the body has a memory chip, it remembers", so it was not that tough nor painful as the muscles (and fats) start vibrating again.

Got out of my comfort zone and went to the nearest gym (to the office) to workout, which makes absolute sense, since I don't have to get stuck in traffic to go to the other branch (other side of town) that I'm familiar with. Read somewhere (a book about dating haha - I hate those "self-help" books) that if you don't meet anyone "interesting" at the usual place you frequent, "they" must be at the other places that you try to avoid.

Was killing 2 birds with one stone on this one. So far no joy but that's not my main objective anyways. (Where ARE these people for crying out loud?? Sheesh).

I did meet this trainer at the gym who came up to me while I was strecthing (no, this is not a love story) to do a survey on the gym. Sidetrack - I didn't know I'm entitled to use the BMI machine to check my fat mass, muscle mass and all the other mess I have. He offered me to try kick boxing - one sesh burns 700 calories.

Took up the offer. I mean get real.. 5km of running is just under 250 calories. One packet of M&Ms is 230 calories (which I had recently - nor is this a story about self-control).

And oh wow, bow chicka wow wow. I loved it. It's such an adrenaline pumping work out and is such an effective stress reliever. Never have I punched anything with so much vigour, with boxing gloves for that matter too. I was worried though about my non-existent coordination control. (You go left, I go left, you go left, I go right, you go left, I've left the work out studio). But the trainer was patient and went slow and I did quite well if I may so myself. But with all trainers, this was just a teaser of course. If you want to pursue, you have to sign up with a program that has a price tag of an initial car down payment.

I nearly took the bait (no self-control, remember?) but his boss (who did the sales pitch) had to be arrogant and say "This is a good investment and you'll thank me for this".

I don't know why these people think they are god's gift to society. I understand they are doing their job but there are a million and one ways to tackle a sale. I was annoyed and retorted "Shouldn't YOU be thanking me?" He didn't want to let up and came back with "We want to help you".

Yes, THAT certainly helped. Do I look like I have issues? (I do, but eff you). I was really really ticked off with his arrogance by then and wasn't going to let his defensive tone take the best of me so I said "Oh I thought you want to help with my money". I stood up, thanked him politely (see, manners son, manners), excused myself and ran furiously on the treadmill.

Remembered seeing a millions buntings on Muay Thai near the house. There's a centre close by! Going to check that out.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I don't want another insurance policy!

I have been requested to post an entry on my experience trying to dodge a tele-marketing call by a fonen. It was quite funny but I can't remember the exact turn of events. The only thing I remembered was I got cornered and if I don't give my credit card details shim was going to ciktot me.

I will share salient points of the conversation.

"hello, ni cik nadia (bukan nama sebenar)ke?"


--shim takes a deep long breath to read a 3 page script so fast I don't have any chance to interrupt in between--

"saya nadia juga, kelas kita nyah nama sama, cantik nama you, yelah mesti cantik ikut orang dia jugak kan, macam kita jugak *giggle manja-manja*, nadia call ni nak bagi tahu cik nadia tentang pelan insurans terbaru dari ING yang ---long script insurance jargon, rubbish, 36 critical illness, will pay in addition to any active life insurance coverage that one has bla bla.. basically yang terbaekk ----"

"tapi i dah ada insurance coverage dah and i also have the 36 critical illness, hopitalisation and all that crap"

"isshhh cik nadia ni tak dengar ke apa nadia cakap tadi? kan nadia dah kata dah yang ni will pay in addition to the one that you currently have, you tak rugi kalau you beli ni sebab ni ada cash advance and no other insurance coverage will pay in advance"

"berapa banyak insurance lah i nak kena beli ni"

"cik nadia, cik nadia tak sayang ke kat diri sendiri, ni ada cash advance taww, hospital bills kan mahal sekarang ni, take it as ni extra cash, cik nadia boleh claim from your other policy and at the same time, extra cash ni boleh lah pergi guna untuk shopping ke, travelling ke untuk cari mat susly kat overseas, kalau nadia, nadia kosser dengan jejanz melayu taww, cik nadia suka tak mat susly?"


"haa, lagilah cik nadia kena beli insurance ni, mana nak carikkk extra cash yang oii. nadia sker lah borak ngan cik nadia ni, office you kat ne?"

"kat (x marks the spot)"

"eh yekerr, kira kita ni jiran lah kan? ee boleh jumpa for lunch nanti, yelah kalau cik nadia sudi"

"eh, mak ok jer tapi kan, boleh tak i nak tengok insurance policy tu dulu kat website you so i boleh buat decision nak beli ke tak (excuses, no intention at all. takut say no sebenarnya)"

"laaa, penat nadia explain panjang2 tadi, cik nadia tak faham kerr?"

"faham tapi benda cam ni nak lah kena pikir masak2 dulu"

"ok la ok la, cik nadia pikir dulu and esok same time nadia call balik ok??"

The next day shim called and I signed up because I didn't know how to say no. My plan is when I receive the policy, I have a 14 days grace period to cancel. I just got the policy yesterday so it's time to do the necessary. Much easier to sort things out this way. Sans drama.

I hope you have more balls to say no to a fonen tele-marketeer than I ever will. I just can't do it. Fail gila.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

You give me that loving feeling

Had a nice relaxing facial the weekend before raya.

Setting of the mood was perfect, the breathing automatically slows down while you lie on the bed lined with electric blanket, scent of something calming in the air, dark and quiet ambience, soothing music in the background.

Chloe my dermatologist, before she starts applying anything, she will introduce it to me..'I'm applying the cleanser', 'Now, toner', 'This is soothing eye gel'.

While I appreciate it, it kind of gets in the way of my sleep. I'm about to crossover, I come back, crossover, come back. See flickering light, FBI interrogation spot light turned on max.

Nearly took off soothing eye pad from my closed eyes, looked into her eyes and said 'Look man, I don't care what the hell you do to me .. but can you bloody shut up?' *puts back soothing eye pad and prays to god she doesn't choke me after this*

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Delayed Luggage Update

Just realised I left to update this. MAS compensated every cent of additional charges I incurred after I hounded them day and night for it. It is sad though that had I left it just like that, so would they.

All these stellar services they promise are purely lip-service. They don't give a shit really unless you gave them shit, really.

Sad sad world we live in.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Negombo Beach Incident

A random memory just popped in my head. A funny one.

I had gone travelling to Sri Lanka with an old friend back from school. We were close back when we were teens. After school we kept in touch, not as often but we never lost contact. Drifted a little over the years but it was funny that we ended working for the same organisation. I'd bump into S maybe 3 times a year - as we had different offices.

One day, from out of the blue, S called to ask me if I'd be interested to go to Colombo with her. I wasn't sure where Colombo was - was that the country with drug cartel problems? Didn't want to look stupid so I asked a safe question "Wouldn't that be expensive?" (thinking it's South America) (it's Colombia btw). She said "It's dirt cheap, I don't travel expensive". Binggg. Key word "cheap". "I'm in!"

We made plans about 8 months prior. I was quite nervous having to travel just the two of us since all our friends couldn't join nor commit to the trip. 5 days with one single person is usually the acid test of a friendship. You either make it or break it (the neck). Didn't help our mutual best friend, L, whom both of us had travelled on different occassions with (they had a fight when they travelled but I somehow survived 2 weeks with L) was telling me horror tales about S.

L warned me that S only likes shopping. L knows I like sightseeing. So all these tales added on to my worries.

S and I met up once to plan our routes so I can make the hotel bookings. We were going to travel to 4 places and would check into 4 different hotels. This was a good sign - we both like to plan ahead and more importantly she left it to me to lay out the plans. I told her I like to do sightseeings and she told me she did too. I must've looked away or something cos she looked at me squarely and asked if L had said something to me about her. I let out a nervous laughter. "That bitch! It's not true that I only like to shop ok, I sightsee too". Yea, we'll see.

S was good company throughout the trip. The holiday was a success. She doesn't do what we girls love to do during trips - have some heart to heart talk about some drama we are going through in our lives. She's just the curt - no nonsense - let's just enjoy the moment kind of person. (When I holidayed with L, we had heart to heart talks every night - so this was new).

I almost wanted to ask S - Oi, don't you have any drama? I'm a good listener. Talk to me. Well, she had none of that. Actually neither did I during that time. We slept at 9pm everynight which worked fine with me since that was my bed time too. We were travelling so much on the road during the day that by after dinner we were too plastered to even watch tv.

This is the funny thing that I wanted to share. (Boy, digress much?).

We stayed at a beach hotel on the last night. After catching the sunset, we decided to have some good old Sri Lankan crabs for dinner. S told me the resto is over on our right side. We can either take the beach and walk through the throngs of locals who were crowding the public beach (trust me it was crowded - Tamil techno songs blasting on the boom box, locals partying hard on a Sunday night) or we can take the road outside of the hotel, no crowds.

I forgot about this - Sri Lankans - they are a bunch of madly in love people. At every corner, you'd spot a couple dating. Be it at the beach, the lakes, the parks - everywhere. Everywhere. I mean everywhere. I counted there were 20 couples in the park alone. It's almost like playing spot the hidden Mickey.

Anyway, I don't know why but I chose to walk through the beach.

As we entered the crowd, people were looking at us. It's like how Malaysians are overly friendly to Caucasians. Sri Lankans are amazed with us. They think we're Japanese btw. When we say we are Malaysians, they'll say they know someone from there.

We laced through the crowded beach, mingled in, the noise enveloping us. I had walked a couple of steps ahead of S. A bit nervous cos people were staring at us(cos we're Japanese). There were dogs without leash everywhere. Unsure if they were strays or owned.

Suddenly amid the noise I thought I heard S calling for me from behind, didn't turn around immediately. Then I heard her calling me again in a more strained pitch. I was about to turn around when I heard my name being screamed in the longest and highest pitch anyone has ever shouted my name with. I could swear every 23 million of the locals there on the beach stopped partying and looked at S and then shift to me.

A dog was jumping infront and around S and was on its hind legs wanting to play.

S had her hands around her face/ears covering face/ears and still screaming my name.

When she didn't stop screaming and had probably hit the highest octave that only dogs can hear (like those silent dog whistles you blow into and out of nowhere there'll be 3 dogs running to you) - the poor dog just dropped on the ground and played dead (or maybe it died, not sure).

I thought I heard a pin drop. People were looking. I thought to myself "Now, if I were to run off and pretend I don't know S..that should be less embarassing. But she has the room key.."

I stuck my chest out. Held my head high and strutted to S. Felt my ears went lava hot. Went to her, plucked her hand off her ears/face and tugged her to walk ahead with me. I hissed through my teeth "The dog just wanted to play, should have just ignored it and walked on"

She was on the brink of tears and hissed back at me "Why didn't you turn around when I called for you the first time?? I had to call you 3 times!! The dog could have mauled me"

By now, we were out of the sight of the onlookers. I stood infront of S, put my hands on my hips and cocked my head to one side to analyse what just happened. She really did look like she was going to cry. And all I could do was break down into fits of hysterical laughter. I laughed so hard until I couldn't breathe. S went high pitch again and said it's not funny!

The dog dropped on the ground, rolled over and had all 4 legs in the air. Can you picture that? I coudn't stop laughing the whole night, even until today I still get into a laughing frenzy when I recall that moment. S said she's glad I enjoyed looking at her facing death (she said this nonchalantly while mauling a Sri Lankan crab during dinner later that night).

S turned out to be a good sport, good company and such an easygoing travel companion. Sri Lanka proves to be one of the best holidays I've experienced. It's always in the company.